About Our Company

Fundamental product for the most diverse applications, steel is present in the global economy, whether in the simplest applications or in projects which demands high quality products and complexity. To have the guarantee that supply will
attend all requirements with quality and deadline is an essential matter in any request.

USIESP Materials division has a high-quality team with more than 35 years of experience in national and international market for pipes, plates, fittings, structural materials and special items supply. Our dedication is totally focused on offering
positive results to your inquiry. All of our products come from the most qualified manufacturers. Europeans and first-class companies from other countries.

As much important as the quality of our products, it’s the quantity of the process. Needed and detailed information of each stage of the request, logistics, quality system and documentation are items which we dedicate ourselves in the most impeccable way.

Quality and differentiation in order to satisfy customer and market needs on excellent services and products supply is everything we do and how we do it.


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All of the operational procedures of acquisition, importation, logistic, storage and distribution of materials shall be conducted by quality assurance procedures, backed by international quality standards.

In addition, all the materials supplied by TMV complies with quality systems of the manufactures.